Video: About Hollywood Hot Rods and a ride in the Comet

Video: About Hollywood Hot Rods and a ride in the Comet

Known as one of the premiere builders in the hot rod world today, Troy Ladd has certainly made his mark on the industry. Things could be changing for Ladd’s Hollywood Hot Rods in the future as Ladd debates expanding his business’s footprint in the Hollywood hills of California. Check out how in the video above, compliments of Hagerty.

Started out as a one-man hot rod shop, Hollywood Hot Rods has expanded to keep both Ladd and his six employees plenty busy. As business keeps growing, the shop’s home in Burbank, California is beginning to burst at the seems, causing Ladd to wrestle with the idea of moving his business to a bigger shop. Unfortunately, real estate is a hot commodity in Southern California and Ladd is having a hard time finding a location that he loves and can truly see as the future home of his business.

Over the years, Hollywood Hot Rods has developed a certain style that is recognized all over in the hot rod community. When Ladd displays any of his cars, whether they be customer cars or personal projects like his girlfriend’s ’63 Mercury Comet, one look at the aesthetics and the vehicle all but screams of who its creator is. This is part of the reason behind the business’s noticeable growth and need for a new location. Just because the business is taking on more projects these days doesn’t mean that Ladd is ready to give up any of his own personal touches to each vehicle that leaves his shop.

One such project is the ’63 Mercury Comet S-22 that Ladd’s girlfriend Davida Frieman bought some 15 years ago because she thought it was a cute car. While the car was driven regularly throughout Frieman’s college and law school days, it wasn’t until Ladd opened his shop that the Merc took its truly killer form.

Equipped with all the seamless and modified lines and glossy paint associated with Ladd’s projects, the Comet also features a hearty helping of performance upgrades.

One of the major upgrades done to the car was swapping out the old engine for a new Ford Coyote block, which Ladd acquired while doing some R&D work on a hot rod-style fuel injection system.

From there, everything fell into place, including Ridetech shocks, an AccuAir eLevel control system, Billet Vintiques Bullet wheels and spinner caps, 12-inch Wilwood brakes, Goodyear tires, Aeromotive fuel system and a Gearstar-built Ford 4R70W transmission.

Ladd’s shop and projects have certainly grown since Hollywood Hot Rods’ beginnings, but no matter how big the business gets, we’re sure that Ladd will always pride himself on his car’s distinguishing looks and appeal.